Reporting: An Introduction

James Glen Stovall


The heart of journalism is reporting.

Reporting: An Introduction provides students with the basic concepts of journalistic reporting: information, news, sources, observation, verification and many others.

Each of the sections is short and written with the student audience in mind. Most chapters contain review questions, photos and links to other multimedia features.

This book is conceptual, rather than being a workbook or exercise text. It is designed to get students thinking and talking about the important job of reporting.

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Table of Contents


Forward                  5

Tennessee Journalism Series           7


Journalistic reporting        9


Chapter 1: Information     10

Chapter 2: Verification     16

Chapter 3: Accuracy           22

Chapter 4: Sources              27

Chapter 5: Credibility       33

Chapter 6: Professionalism              38

Chapter 7: Interviewing  43

Chapter 8: Public Information        49

Chapter 9: Observation    54

Chapter 10: Linking           59

Chapter 11: Law: Confidentiality 64

Chapter 12: History: The Penny Press         70

Chapter 13: Ethics: Covering Tragedy         74


The Intercollegiate Online News Network 78


The Author            81



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