Photojournalism: Telling Stories with Pictures and Words

James Glen Stovall

Michael Martinez


Even in the digital age with its pervasive video, the news photograph – the single still image – retains its power to embed itself in our heads.

Because of that, photojournalism and the photojournalist are important parts of the field of journalism. Training people to understand the power of the photograph and think like a photojournalist is vital to journalism education.

That’s what this book does. Photojournalism: Telling Stories with Pictures and Words is aimed at young people who want to use a camera to show the world to others.

This book introduces students to the basic principles of photojournalism and to concepts such as the rule-of-thirds, cropping and editing, the value of the close-up, and the talent of seeing what other people do not see.

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Table of Contents


Telling stories with pictures and words     1

Forward         5

The Tennessee Journalism Series   6

Multimedia    7


The Power of the Photograph         8

Basic concepts of photojournalism  12

The Threes    16

Cutlines          21

The Picture Story      24

Basic photo editing   27

Audio slide shows     32

Photojournalism and the law          37

History: Brady made me president 40

Photojournalism – a special case for ethics            43

Three lessons in photojournalism   47

Ideas   47

Moments        52

Visual elements         54


The Intercollegiate Online News Network 58

How to establish an ICONN/ISONN website          60


The Authors   62


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