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Seeing Suffrage: Planning the 1913 Washington Woman’s Suffrage Parade


Lucy Burns

Alice Paul

Alice Paul

March: Women’s History Month

Plans for a gigantic suffrage parade along Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C., in 1913 began as soon as Alice Paul and Lucy Burns convince the National American Woman Suffrage Association to put them in charge of its Congressional Committee in late November 1912.

Paul and Burns, who had been friends since their work with the British suffragette movement, set about immediately contacting friends and anyone sympathetic to the idea. If they were going to pull this off on the day they intended — March 3, 1913, the day before Woodrow Wilson was to be inaugurated president — they had only three months.

Find out more about the parade and its importance to the suffrage movement in Seeing Suffrage: The 1913 Washington Suffrage Parade, Its Photographs, and Its Effect on the American Political Landscape.