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Good journalism saves lives

July 18, 2018 | By Jim Stovall | No Comments | Filed in: books, journalism, journalists, reporters, reporting.

Good journalism saves lives. In this Age of Hyperbole, that’s no exaggeration. A couple of weeks ago in the newsletter, I mentioned John Carreyrou, investigative reporter for the Wall Street Journal, and the book he has written title Bad Blood. The book tells the story of Elizabeth Holmes. the wunderkind of Silicon Valley, and her • Read More »

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A new biography of Agatha Christie 

March 16, 2018 | By Jim Stovall | No Comments | Filed in: journalism, Women writers and journalists, writers, writing.

Despite her worldwide fame and gigantic audiences, her life was as mysterious as one of her books. Now a new biography is available to American readers (it has been available to British readers for a while), and the book is getting rave reviews.

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