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Kansas territory, 1855: A case of fraudulent voting and its consequences

October 2, 2012 | By Jim Stovall | No Comments | Filed in: news, Voting.

The case of the Kansas territory demonstrates that Americans think of voting as a central act of democracy. They like to have confidence in the results of voting, no matter what those results are. When that confidence is shaken, there are consequences.

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Parker’s column concerns documentary about women

September 30, 2012 | By Jim Stovall | No Comments | Filed in: Alice Paul, news.

One of the stories that should be told — and probably will be if this documentary is any good — is that of Alice Paul and Lucy Burns, who in one afternoon, changed the tenor and trajectory of the women’s suffrage debate that eventually led to the 19th Amendment that allowed women to vote.

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Voter fraud and the Lincoln-Douglas election

September 27, 2012 | By Jim Stovall | No Comments | Filed in: news, Voting.

Voters at that time did not vote directly for candidates for the U.S. Senate. The race was over who would be elected to the state legislature, which had the power to name the senators from the state. Lincoln lost the election to Douglas not because there was a sudden flood of illegal Irish voters into the electorate but more likely because the incumbent senator began with such a decided advantage in that electoral system.

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