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Blue Angels streak across the pasture for fourth straight day

Few sights get the blood to pumping or raise the goosebumps on your skin like the sight of a sleek Navy fighter jet streaking across the sky.

When the jet is streaking across the treeline of your pasture, the heart pumps faster.

When you get six of them — the pilots performing with mathematical precision — the thrills are exponential.

That’s what happened to us Thursday through Sunday as the Navy’s Blue Angels team performed at the Smoky Mountain Air Show at the Knoxville airport this weekend. We live close enough to the airport to get a good view of the show, and we couldn’t have been more pleased or satisfied.

You cannot help but look and be amazed at what these young people do with the very expensive planes that our nation has put in their hands. They show precision, training and discipline to a degree that is hard to imagine.

This video, along with some clumsily edited music, gives you a taste of what we experienced.