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Maria Popova reviews ‘A Sting in the Tale’ by Dave Goulson

August 7, 2014 | By Jim Stovall | No Comments | Filed in: books, Home.

  Maria Popova, who produces the wonderful and stimulating website, has written a lengthy review of Dave Goulson’s book, A Sting in the Tale. The review is titled, A Brief History of How Bees Sexed Up Earth and Gave Flowers Their Colors, and subtitled, How a striped, winged, six-legged love machine sparked “the longest marketing campaign in history,” which should be enough to • Read More »

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Jonathan Swift, writer ‘to the vulgar’

December 18, 2013 | By Jim Stovall | No Comments | Filed in: history, Home, JEM 200, journalism, journalism education, writers, writing.

Jonathan Swift wanted his writing to be “understood by the meanest.” It’s the standard we want our journalism students to shoot for.

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