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Swag for the Front Page Follies, 2016, part 3

Ayres Hall, University of Tennessee, watercolor by Jim Stovall, 5/2016

Ayres Hall, University of Tennessee, watercolor by Jim Stovall, 5/2016

A watercolor of Ayres Hall on the University of Tennessee campus was one of my contributions to the silent auction for the Front Page Follies  last year, and a couple of people told me they bid on it unsuccessfully.

Well, this year they get another shot.

This is a watercolor of the big building at the top of The Hill, built in 1919, that has become a symbol of the university. It’s done in a loose style but one that captures (I hope) the intimate and deep feelings that many people have about the place.

The Front Page Follies is the annual musical revue and roast of politicians and events from the previous year. It is sponsored by the East Tennessee chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists and raises money for scholarships for journalism students at the University of Tennessee and Pellissippi State.

This year’s Follies is set for June 11, 2016.

The Follies always honors an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to journalism in East Tennessee, and this year’s honoree is Jean Ash.

I have many friends involved with the Front Page Follies including David Lauver, who writes much of the script and many of the songs, Jean Ash, Georgiana Vines, Mark Harmon, Vince Staten, Susan Barnes and others. I’m always honored that they ask me to make a a contribution.

The Follies is operated by the Front Page Foundation.

Ayres Hall, atop The Hill, at the University of Tennessee

Ayres Hall, atop The Hill, at the University of Tennessee

The painting of Ayres Hall at right is the one I submitted to the auction last year. With the full tower and lots of sky, it’s more dramatic and dominating than the view this year’s painting.

Part 1 of my contributions was posted a couple of days ago, and I’ll post Part 2 is here.

Swag for SPJ’s Front Page Follies

For the past several years I have been asked (and honored to be asked) to provide some items for the silent auction for the Front Page Follies, the annual musical production of the East Tennessee Society of Professional Journalists.

So, here are this year’s offerings:

Ayres Hall, atop The Hill, at the University of Tennessee

Ayres Hall, atop The Hill, at the University of Tennessee

The first is a watercolor that was posted on Facebook a few days ago. It’s Ayres Hall, the major architectural symbol of the University of Tennessee. Ayres Hall was constructed about 100 years ago and sits majestically on top of The Hill at UT in Knoxville.

When I was a freshman at UT in 1966, I had an 8 o’clock class on the third floor of Ayres Hall every Monday, Wednesday and Friday during my first quarter. That was in the days before there was a bus service to the Hill. There wasn’t even a bridge from the University Center. So, there were lots of steps to climb both outside to get to the building and then inside to get to the classroom.

The second is a watercolor of the bridge across Cumberland Avenue; the painting is titled “Bridge to Sophie’s; Cumberland Ave.”

Bridge to Sophie's; Cumberland Ave.

Bridge to Sophie’s; Cumberland Ave.

Directly across Cumberland Avenue was Sophia Strong Hall, then a girl’s dormitory, which had a cafeteria and probably the best food on campus. I crossed that bridge many times as an undergraduate.

Strong Hall has recently been demolished, and there is lots of construction going on over there now. The bridge is currently closed to all foot traffic in order to keep folks away from the construction site. I hope it can open soon so folks can enjoy the walk.

The third item is a desk set – pen, letter opener and magnifying glass – that I made from walnut and turned on my lathe. I made one of these for the Follies last year, and it did well, I think. (I didn’t attend the silent auction.) The wood is finished with, among other things, beeswax from our beehives. Walnut is a beautiful wood to work with and usually finishes up very nicely.

All of these items were fun to produce, and I hope they do the Follies some good.

Desk set, hand-turned walnut

Desk set, hand-turned walnut