Team project ideas

Team projects will focus on one of the following aspects of the University of Tennessee:

  • Center for the Study of Social Justice
  • Center for Advocacy and Dispute Resolution
  • Center for Profitable Agriculture
  • Center for Environmental Biotechnology
  • Center for Native Grasslands Management
  • Center for Educational Leadership
  • Center for Entrepreneurial Law
  • Natural Resource Policy Center
  • Center for Transportation Research
  • Center for Agriculture and Food Security Preparedness
  • Center for Materials Processing
  • Scintillation Materials Research Center
  • Neel Corporate Governance Center
  • The Institute for a Secure and Sustainable Environment, Center for Clean Products
  • Center for Enhancing Education in Mathematics and Science
  • Center for Informational Technology Research
  • Center for Parenting
  • Center for International Education

This is just a partial list of programs and centers associated with the  University of Tennessee that might not be well known even to those on campus. Your team may propose doing its project about a center of activity that is not on this list. That proposal must be approved by the instructor before any substantial work begins.




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