JEM 499 Project


The JEM 499 project for this class will be the production and publication of a multimedia, interactive book on off-the-beaten-path aspects of the University of Tennessee.

The audience for this book is upper-level high school students who may be interested in attending the University. This book goes beyond the standard academic departments and focuses on some of the more interesting but “hidden” parts of the university.

Chapters for this book will be produced by teams of JEM 499 students. Students on these teams will research and write the text on their topics, take or gather appropriate photos and other images, and produce the audio and video necessary for high school students to learn about the topic the team undertakes.

Previous editions of this book, titled Uncovering UT, are available as a free download from the iBookstore. This is the link to volume 6, produced by the spring 2016 JEM 499 class.uncoveringut6

The chapters — and the book itself — will be produced with the software iBooks Author, which is available free from Apple.

Once completed, the book will be uploaded to the iBookstore and will be available as a free download for anyone who wants to use it.

Chapter/team requirements

Each chapter in the book will be about a specific, approved topic and will include:

  • basic text — no more than 1,000 words — explicating the topic
  • pictures, graphs and other images related to the topic
  • at least one audio clip
  • at least one video
  • resources and links to additional information
  • a page devoted to the team that produced the chapter
  • interactive items appropriate to the topic and the audience



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