Most of your grade for JEM 200 — 70 percent — will come from the attendance and the work that you do in your writing section. Pay close attention to your writing section instructor.

The other percent comes from what you do in the JEM 200 lecture. Here’s how that happens:

  • Test 1 — 10 percent.
  • Test 2 — 10 percent.
  • Attendance point accumulation — 10 percent.
    What does that mean? Mostly, that means that you should show up for lecture (on time) with a laptop, tablet, or cellphone (something with which you can connect to the Internet) fully charged and in working order. At some point in the lecture, you will be asked to fill out a form for attendance and feedback, and doing so will give you a certain number of attendance points. You may have additional opportunities throughout the semester to accumulate attendance points. You may take advantage of those opportunities as you see fit. (These opportunities are NOT extra credit and should not be considered as such.)
    At the end of the semester, we look at the total number of points a student has accumulated and award an attendance grade based on that total number. We use a curved scale rather than percentages because that usually gives some advantage to the student.

Remember that according to the attendance policies of the course, you can lose attendance points as well as gain them.

Absence from three lectures means that the student will not receive any attendance points for the lecture. This amounts to 10 percent of the overall grade for the course. (What this means is that you can pass the course but cannot make an A.)

Four absences means that attendance and Test 1 scores will be eliminated. (Again, you can still pass the course. You probably won’t make higher than a C.)

Five absences means that all of the lecture points will be eliminated, meaning that you will probably make less than a C for the final grade for the course.

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