Assignment: Sidebar


Assignment Instructions

You will provide a sidebar to the main bar and can present that material in any format you like. This is a feature or news story, but the sidebar should not repeat the main written bar or postgame video package in any way.

1)    Written option: Provide a 300-400 word written sidebar to complement the main bar. The sidebar should include quotes from at least 1 person and 2 audio clips.

2)    Audio slideshow option: Provide a 45 second to 1:15 audio slideshow. The audio should include quotes from at least one person along with natural sound. The slideshow should include a “caption” to indicate to viewers what the slideshow is about.

3)    Video option: Provide a 45 second to 1:15 video package. The piece should contain quotes from at least one person and game footage.  A bridge narrated by you is optional. This should be different than the highlights package provided by your team member. The angle can be news or feature-focused, but should not overlap with the postgame video package even if someone from your team is not there doing such a package.


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