Assignment: Writing on deadline

Materials: St. Joe’s College Pumas and University of Indianapolis Greyhounds rosters, first half box score, first half play-by-play, first half narratives.

Assignment directions

You are responsible for covering the St. Joe’s vs. Indianapolis women’s basketball game. For the purposes of the assignment, consider the game as happening live, today. The story needs to be filed no later than the end of class and should be between 350-400 words, no more, no less.

1)   Review the first-half box score, summary and play-by-play of the St. Joe’s vs. Indianapolis women’s basketball game. Look for key runs, turning points and “telling” statistics.

2)   Watch the second half video. In order to file your story by deadline, you must be taking stats and writing during the game.

**Do not google the game story/stats for this event. You have access to the resources only provided by the SID (me). **

From IU sports information on the first half:

The Pumas (8-12, 5-7) started the game 3-for-4 from the 3-point line to help build a seven-point lead following the first media timeout.  The Greyhounds struggled to get defensive stops, as St. Joe’s led all but one minute of the opening half.

Indianapolis trailed 40-31 at the halftime, despite shooting 50 percent from the field.  Saint Joseph’s matched the Hounds’ shooting percentage while connecting on 5-of-9 shots from downtown.

From the SJC sports information on the first half:

Jen Szala helped the Pumas (8-12, 5-7 GLVC) establish a quick 14-7 lead through the first six minutes of play. The Greyhounds (11-9, 6-6 GLVC) scored eight of the game’s next nine points in cutting their deficit to 16-15. Both team shot 50 % in the first half, however SJC converted on five of their nine attempts from beyond the arc to go into intermission with a 40-31 lead.


[[For the instructor]]

Link to game on livestream (Second half starts at 58:30)

Link to box score: [This link includes the first half box score, second half box score and final box score. Give the students the first half box score only to analyze in preparation for watching the second half.]


Indianapolis women’s basketball roster, 2010-2011


01  Turner, Kristin

03  Wall, Shelby

11  Jovanovic, Diana

12  Birchmeier, Megan

13  Lyons, Katie

14  McIntosh, Katy

15  Gardner, Megan

21  Keegan, Cayla

23  Andrews, Kaleigh

24  Gonser, Heather

25  Savela, Rose

32  Gonser, Nickole

33  Wortman, Eliza

40  Lecher, Chas


St. Joe’s women’s basketball roster, 2010-2011

1      Tatiana Ortiz

5   Kimmyatta Barksdale

10 Abigail Gazda

11 Natalie Appelhans

14 Lauren Cash

15 Britney Cruse

20 Alexa Bess

22 Jen Szala

23 Montrell Mills

24 Katie Novak

30 Jasmyne Reynolds






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