• Day 10 – Beyond this workshop

Intercollegiate Online News Network (ICONN)

The Intercollegiate Online News Network is the over-arching association that include the Interscholastic Online News Network, JeffersonNet, the ICONN and ISONN NewsStreams, and JN-21.com.

The basic concepts

●      changing journalism education

●      sharing content

●      sharing ideas, technology, development, training

●      starting campus-based websites

●      inclusion

●      financed by grants, advertising

ICONN is an association of academic programs, campus news websites, individuals and other organizations interested in the development of online journalism education and practice. ICONN maintains an active and ongoing interest in expanding the concepts of free expression and the free exchange of information and ideas. ICONN is committed to the highest ideals and practices of journalism in pursuing and disseminating accurate information.

ICONN has been in existence since 2008 and works in conjunction with the School of Journalism and Electronic Media at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, which provides administrative and logistical support. ICONN currently includes more than 30 collegiate news websites in the United States. (These members include the University of Georgia, George Mason University, Southern Methodist University, San Francisco State University, and many others.)


• WordPress-based, easy to learn and to use

• providing a content management system, server space

• exploring concepts of information architecture

• serendipity

One of the ways in which ICONN achieves its goal of advancing web journalism is providing the technology and support for those who want to initiate news website on their campuses. We have developed the JeffersonNet content management system (a WordPress-based CMS) that we are able to duplicate for any program, organization or faculty member who wants to begin a news site for their students. In addition, we provide server space for these sites.  Both the CMS and server space is free, as is membership in ICONN itself. We do not charge for any service that we provide. We simply ask that all member sites be willing to share their originally produced content with other members of the network.

Interscholastic Online News Network (ISONN)

Everything (and more) that we’re doing at the collegiate level, we also want to do at the high school level with the Interscholastic Online News Network.



• a way of sharing content between websites

• all content from all websites streams into a single site

• articles are selected, enhanced

• those article selected are streamed out to the member sites

• exploring concepts of information architecture (presentation)

• idea of streaming not limited to text

The ISONN NewsStream stems from the idea that each member site agrees to share its content with other member sites. The NewsStream gathers content from each of the sites and selects that which is of more than local interest. NewsStream editors enhance this content by a variety of means (rewriting headlines, editing copy, adding highlights, including links, etc.) and sending it out or making it available to all members of the network. The NewsStream has a double benefit for the ISONN members: it provides fresh content for member sites; and it offers the opportunity for student journalists to have their work appear on more than their local websites.



• resources for teachers, online journalism orientation

• modules

• multiple contributors

• serendipity

JN-21.com is the resource site for teachers and students of journalism.


Why are we doing this?

Journalism is important to society.

Today’s technology offers exciting new opportunities for our students.

We need to practice and strengthen the concepts of the First Amendment.


Discussion questions

1. Consider this concept of the network. What are the strengths? What are the weaknesses? What suggestions do you have about it?


Teaching tip

The idea of a news stream. Discuss with your students the possibility of being part of a large news network. Ask them they could contribute to the network. What kinds of articles, photos, audio and video would they like to see on the network? We are always open to good idea.


News site management assignments

Now that you have gone through the workshop, is there anything about your website, JeffersonNet or managing a news website that you do not understand. If we were to have a Going Online 2 workshop, what should it include?


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