Writing Like a Journalist

Good writing is at the heart of journalism.

Writing Like a Journalist by Jim Stovall

Journalists write for a living. They use words precisely and efficiently. They present accurate, verified information in a way that a mass audience will understand it by reading or hearing it only once.

Such writing takes skill, discipline and practice.

Writing Like a Journalist will give the reader some of the basic concepts of how journalists achieve good writing — writing that an audience can understand and will pay for.

Chapters topics in this volume include:
• The discipline of good writing
• Mastering the language
• Tools of writing: Grammar, Punctuation, Spelling
• Why journalistic writing is different
• The inverted pyramid structure – and what you can learn from it
• Headlines – the most important words for a journalist, and you
• Writing for audio and visual journalism

The book also contains a bonus chapter on the First Amendment with sections on each of the five freedoms protected by the amendment and a section on the history and development of the amendment.

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