Point Spread

Update: Point Spread has received 10 pre-publication reviews with an average of 4.4 stars. One reviewer called it ” . . . a masterful job . . ” Read all of the reviews here. (May 23, 2017)

Point Spread is available for pre-order on Amazon’s Kindle Store here. Friday, May 26, Point Spread will be available for direct download.

“ . . . sometimes girls see things other people don’t see . . .”

Maxine Wayman doesn’t have magical powers. She is a senior at Trinity Lane High School and needs a good story to write so she can get a scholarship and get into journalism school.

She’s bright, independent, tough and resilient.

And she’s observant. She sees something here, hears a conversation there, gathers some information on her own. And voila! She’s got a story that will rock the school to its foundations.

Point Spread by Jim Stovall

It’s 1967, and Maxine wants to be a journalist. In fact, she wants to be a reporter in Vietnam, where, as she says, “all the best stories are.” For now, however, she’s stuck in here hometown of Nashville, trying to speed time up so she can get out of high school and get on with her life. If she keeps quiet about what she sees, she’ll graduate and no one will be the wiser.

Can Maxine keep quiet?

Not a chance. Even when it puts her life in danger and she finds herself hiding under her car while some of her classmates destroy it with baseball bats.

Join Maxine as she takes a gripping journey into the world of journalism in the novel Point Spread.

Point Spread is available for pre-order on Amazon’s Kindle Store here.


Get a free review copy of Point Spread

You can get a free digital copy of Point Spread by signing up for Jim Stovall's newsletter here. The novel, set in 1967 against the backdrop of the war in Vietnam, concerns a high school senior who looks for a story for her school paper. She finds far more than she bargained for. The novel will be available by late May. Jim get send out a link to where you can download this book. The download is free.

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