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Jonathan Swift, writer ‘to the vulgar’

Jonathan Swift wanted his writing to be “understood by the meanest.” It’s the standard we want our journalism students to shoot for.

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7 reasons why you should encourage your students to tweet your lectures

Some professors ban laptops, tablets and smart phones from their classrooms, seeing them as distractions for their students. Instead, they should welcome them as tools for engagement.

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Photo story day – JEM 200’s in-class lecture assignment

Lecture assignment, March 25, 2010 Students in the JEM 200 course at the University of Tennessee were assigned to do a photo story of the lecture itself last week. Here’s a short video of how the class went. Below are some of the instructions students received about the assignment. Students, You will be asked to […]

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Reforming the J-curriculum: beginning at the beginning

To really reform a journalism curriculum, you have to begin at the beginning. The faculty of the School of Journalism and Electronic Media at the University of Tennessee decided at its first faculty meeting of the semester in January to make some definite moves toward revising our curriculum to recognize the realities of the changing […]

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