Students have the responsibility to prepare, attend and engage in this course. Unlike other courses, this is a professional course, and attendance is a professional value. Showing up is what is expected of any professional. Absence for any reason is likely to hurt your grade.


There are no excused or unexcused absences. There are simply absences. The decision to attend class is the student’s, not the professor’s.

DO NOT request in any form to be excused from class.

Students should not inform the professor if they are going to be absent.

Attendance and grades

Absence from three lectures means that the student will not receive any attendance points for the lecture. This amounts to 10 percent of the overall grade for the course. (What this means is that you can pass the course but cannot make an A.)

Four absences means that attendance and Test 1 scores will be eliminated. (Again, you can still pass the course. You probably won’t make higher than a C.)

Five absences means that all of the lecture points will be eliminated, meaning that you will probably make less than a C for the final grade for the course.

In the JEM 200 lecture, there is NO EXTRA CREDIT. You may have additional opportunities to accumulate attendance points, however.

Recording attendance

Attendance is taken by by filling out a Google Docs form sometime during the lecture. The form is online and will be made available to you during the lecture by the professor. It is important that you bring to lecture a laptop, tablet, cellphone or other device with which you can connect to the Internet.

Academic dishonesty

A student who leaves the impression of having attended the lecture when he or she has not is a form of academic dishonesty.  Academic dishonesty can have severe consequences for a student’s standing as a journalism major and as a student at the University of Tennessee.

Fill out this form

The attendance policy for JEM 200 is reiterated below. If you have not done so already, read the information carefully and insert the information called for below each paragraph. Then click on the submit button. You should submit this form only once.


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