JPROF.com is a web site designed to help people, especially students and teachers, learn about journalism. The site has a wide variety of resources that teachers and students can us to better understand the place that journalism has in our society, the processes by which journalism operates and the skills necessary to become a journalist.

The site is meant, in part, as a supplement to the journalism textbooks authored or co-authored by James Glen Stovall. Those books include:

This site contains a great deal of information about various aspects of journalism and links to many site on the web where additional information can be obtained. But rather than just be a site with a lot of links, we want there to be good, useful material on the site itself. That’s why you will find abundant exercise and handout material — things that a teacher can use in the classroom. Students will find many extra resources and pointers to information they may need.

Beyond classroom use, the material here is restricted and may not be used withou the permission of the author. This restriction includes all artwork found on the site.

Most of the material you will find here can be duplicated for classroom use. We ask that you maintain the integrity of the material at all times and that any credit lines be left visible.

We also ask that you share your ideas with us. If you have a lesson plan, a classroom activity, a handout or something else that others could use, we hope that you will let us know. Write to Jim Stovall at jgstovall at gmail.com with any ideas, material or suggestions that you have.

We plan to make JPROF.com a dynamic site, one that is added to and updated often. Much is happening in the world of journalism. It should be noted and commented upon. That’s what we plan to do. We hope that you will stay with us and join in the fun.

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JPROF.com was launched on Dec. 31, 2004. The pages were originally built with Adobe GoLive, and the site was hosted by Omnis.com. In May 2013, we switched to WordPress and entered the realm of JeffersonNet, the structure created for site of the Intercollegiate Online News Network.

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