SeeingSuffrage.com has three purposes:

  • To promote the book Seeing Suffrage: The Washington Suffrage Parade of 1913, Its Pictures, and Its Effect on the American Political Landscape. The book is being published by the University of Tennessee Press and is due out sometime early in 2013.
  • To explore the concept of voting in America.
  • To gather and present information about the history of women’s suffrage in America.

A goal of the author (Stovall) is to compile a history of the women’s suffrage movement tentatively titled Suffs and Antis: The Battle of Nashville and the Long Road to Votes for Women in America. To this end the site gathers together notes, references, bibliographic notations, photos, documents and other material about this topic.

Voting and who gets to exercise the vote have been debated throughout the history of the republic. Issues concerning voting intrude on all parts of the political process. We believe that it is important to approach this topic with an adequate understanding of its history and development.

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