Podcast recommendation: The Lazarus Heist from the BBC

June 4, 2021 | By Jim Stovall | Filed in: journalism.

North Korea involved in a bank robbery — a BIG bank robbery? This is a true-crime podcast that sounds like a lot of fun — and it’s from the BBC, so the production values are top-notch.

Hollywood is involved, too.

The most daring bank theft ever attempted? From hacking Hollywood to a billion-dollar plot. North Korea stands accused but says it had nothing to do with it and it’s part of the United States’ attempts to tarnish its image. Premieres 19 April 2021. A true crime investigation with Geoff White and Jean Lee. Source: BBC World Service – The Lazarus Heist, Introducing The Lazarus Heist

Yes, this sounds like a lot of fun, but it gets serious pretty quickly. The heist is no joke. It affects the lives, careers, and bank accounts how many people and organizations. Rather than being a lot of fun oh, it turns out to be pretty scary.

This is a tale for our time oh, and it is definitely worth listening to. The recording is superb oh, and the production values of the podcast are at the standard you would expect from the BBC.

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