Typos of the NYT: broadcasting the paper’s mistakes

August 24, 2020 | By Jim Stovall | Filed in: journalism.

Is reading the New York Times detrimental to your health, physical or mental?

Probably not, but the jury is out on that question in the case of Twitter personality @nyttypos, or Typos of the New York Times. This guy reads the New York Times obsessively and sends out tweets every time he finds a typo, grammatical error, misspelling, misplace word or phrase, and even two spaces when there should be one.

He has the attention of the New York Times editors and reporters, and he has 8,000 followers.

But nobody (or mostly nobody) knows who he is.

The proud pedant behind @nyttypos is, as his Twitter bio proclaims, an “appellate lawyer and persnickety dude.” While working for a government office on appeals for the federal courts of appeals and the Supreme Court, he has diligently, competently, and caustically grammar-policed the paper of record in his spare time, producing more than 20,000 tweets over the past 11 months. His account is a cross between an ego trip, a crusade, and a compulsion. His quixotic quest to flag the words that weren’t fit to print has attracted roughly 8,000 followers, yielded countless corrections, and made its anonymous owner the object of some fascination within the walls and Slack chats of the Times, while exposing the trade-offs in copy quality that competitive publishing in the age of algorithms demands. Source: The Anonymous Lawyer Behind @nyttypos – The Ringer

The Ringer has the full story (probably more than you need to know) and tells all — except his name, of course.

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