Accused: a top-notch true-crime podcast, now into Season 3

January 18, 2020 | By Jim Stovall | Filed in: journalism, podcasting, writing.

After June 18, 1984, no one ever saw David Bocks again. He was a divorced father of three and, despite the divorce, a devoted dad. He worked as a pipe-fitter at the Fernald Feed Production Center, which was a cover for a U.S. Department of Energy facility that processed high-grade uranium for use in nuclear weapons.

Was he murdered? Did he commit suicide? Was he the victim of an accident? Or, did he just leave?

That story comes from one of the best true-crime podcasts that I have listened to. It’s Accused, and it’s produced by the staff of the Cincinnati Enquirer, led by reporter Amber Hunt.

The story of David Bocks is Season 3 in this podcast that is deeply research and spiced with excellent production values. The first two seasons dealt with very old cold-case murders. This one is different in that we don’t know if it is a murder or not.

You will find the episodes of Accused easy to listen to and easy to follow. Hunt’s soothing presentation gives the listener insight not only into the case itself but into the reporting process. If you try just one true-crime podcast this January, try a season of Accused. You’ll get hooked.

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