Crime fiction podcast: Hunted from Dick Wolf

November 23, 2019 | By Jim Stovall | Filed in: journalism.

If you like your crime podcasts fictional rather than true, check out Hunted, starring Parker Posey and produced by Dick Wolf, creator of Law and Order and its progeny.

Here’s the description.

HUNTED From Legendary producer Dick Wolf comes a new fiction podcast starring Parker Posey about the U.S. Marshals dedicated to capturing the country’s most dangerous fugitives. When four convicts escape from a maximum security prison, Deputy Marshal Emily Barnes is called in to pursue the criminals on one of the most treacherous and violent manhunts in United States history. HUNTED is the first in a slate of audio fiction series to be produced by Wolf Entertainment in partnership with Endeavor Audio. Source: Hunted — Endeavor Audio

I have not listened to any of the episodes yet, but I plan to. We’ll see if they do a podcast of the quality of the television shows. My guess is they do.

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