A new podcast examines the Jeffrey Epstein case

September 20, 2019 | By Jim Stovall | Filed in: journalism, podcasting, writers, writing.

Julie K. Brown, the reporter for the Miami Herald who would not let the Jeffrey Epstein story go when just about every other reporter and prosecutor would, has a just-out series of podcasts about this sad and sorted tale. Epstein recently committed suicide rather than face a trial for his multiple assaults on underage girls, but his name continues to show up in headlines around the world. The hunt for his partner, Ghislaine Maxwell, continues.

Epstein used his money and position to insert himself into politics, high society, academia, and big-name charities. On the other side of his life, he was seducing teenagers in all sorts of ways with all sorts of inducements — and apparently with the help of a highly coordinated system of people.

Epstein died, but his story won’t. The women whom he harmed demand otherwise, and so should we. Epstein did not act alone.

Brown is the right one to tell the story. She found out about the suspicions that surrounded Epstein early on. Just as importantly, she began to realize that others — journalists and especially prosecutors — would get interested and then would suddenly not be interested. She wondered why.

In this podcast, she teams up with the New Yorker’s Ariel Levy to provide a compelling podcast.

I have listened to the first episode (all that is available at this writing) of this series, and I am eager to hear more. You can listen here: ‎BROKEN: Jeffrey Epstein on Apple Podcasts

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