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November 23, 2018 | By Jim Stovall | Filed in: fiction, writers, writing.

Edinburgh, a mecca for crime fiction?

British author Paul French has an excellent article on CrimeReads.com about Edinburgh, Scotland as a mecca of crime and detective fiction. The first association you’re likely to make in this regard is between Edinburgh and Ian Rankin‘s booze-laden detective John Rebus. But there is more to Edinburgh’s literary crime wave than Rebus, and French does a good job in laying out his case. Edinburgh is a special place for me in that I lived there in the late 1970s for seven months while I researched and wrote my doctoral dissertation. It’s a magical place. Take a look at French’s article: Crime and the City: Edinburgh | CrimeReads.

Criminal, the podcast

An excellent podcast series that you should try is Criminal. It’s one of the best that you will hear. The host is Phoebe Judge, and it’s produced by North Carolina Public Radio and part of Radiotopia. You are likely to hear anything associated with crime on these 30-to-40 minute episodes. Start with episodes 88 and 89, Cold Case and Shadowing Sheila. This is a two-part story about a woman who, years after the fact, decides to investigate the murder of a college friend. The result is that she becomes a professional detective, one who gets more cases than she can accept. The stories in all the episodes I’ve listened to are compelling.


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