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August 7, 2017 | By Jim Stovall | Filed in: newsletter.

Below is Jim’s email newsletter sent out on Friday, Aug. 4, 2017

The work week is coming to an end, and I hope this first weekend in August offers fun, excitement, and relaxation.


The Prolific Reader Mystery giveaway. This is a terrific giveaway with lots of books in lots of different genres. They’re all free, of course. So, take a look and see what you find. Here’s the link to the mystery section: Start there and then look around at the other sections.

Lose Yourself in Free BooksThe promotion period for this giveaway has ended, but the giveaway page and many of the books are still available. This giveaway involved more than 230 books in 13 genres from some of today‚Äôs hottest authors, all free. Download as many summer reads as you like

The Writing Wright (volume 1)

As promised, a beta copy of The Writing Wright (volume 1) is attached to this email as a PDF file.

Writing has occupied a great deal of my life. I started out as a newspaper and magazine writer and eventually became a writing teacher. So, to me, a book like The Writing Wright seems like a natural. To you, the dear readers, some explanation may be necessary.

The Writing Wright (volume 1) is an eclectic mix of ideas, information, quotations, instruction, wisdom, and stories about writing and the writing life. It’s also forum to impose some of my pen-and-ink and watercolor renderings on unsuspecting readers.

I won’t say more than that. Download it, take a look, and enjoy it (I hope). Tell me what you think. It’s still going through some revisions and edition (thanks, Dan;The Writing Wright (volume 1) thanks, Rudy) but should be on Amazon shortly. After that, look for volume 2.

The Writing Wright (download)

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Have a great weekend, and keep reading.


Jim Stovall

The Writing Wright (download)

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