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July 31, 2017 | By Jim Stovall | Filed in: newsletter.

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Hi there,

I always like to start with the giveaways — the free stuff:


Kill the Quarterback is part of a couple of giveaways that I told you about last week, and those are continuing now. You will want to check them out. And you can put your wallet away. They’re all free.

Lose Yourself in Free BooksHere’s a fantastic selection of FREE books. More than 230 books in 13 genres from some of today’s hottest authors, all free July 24-30. Download as many summer reads as you like

BookDealsToday. We’re running a mystery/thriller/suspense giveaway that can fill up your summer reading list pretty quickly. The promo dates are July 20-28, so you should check it out now.

Forward this email and see what happens . . .

. . . Well, in addition to sharing some great information about free books with a friend, you will get a chance to win one of the beautiful pens pictured below (with barn in the background).

I asked last week for you to consider forwarding this email to a friend who might enjoy the free books in our giveaways, including, of course, Kill the Quarterback. I also asked that you include my email in the forwarding so I could have a record of it.

The reason I need that record is that at the end of August, I will be giving away these three hand-turned, wooden pens to three people who participate in this little contest. You can forward each of my Friday newsletters to as many of your friends as you want (again, include my email in the forwarding). The more times you forward these emails, the more chances you have to win a pen.

More information about the contest is here:

Bringing Buddha to the newsroom

Even though I no longer teach journalism, I remain interested in what’s happening in the profession. My good friend Melanie Faizer has written an excellent article for the Columbia Journalism Review on bringing mindfulness into the daily journalistic process.

Journalism’s institutions are late to adopt mindfulness, a practice of developing an awareness of our thoughts (often through meditation) that at its best can make us more reflective, more empathic, and less reactive.

The whole article is well worth a few minutes of your time.

This week and next week

I spent some of this week putting together The Writing Wright: Notes, Essays and Ponderings on the Writing Life (volume 1). I should have it on Amazon by next week at $.99 or $1.99, but it will be a free download for all my newsletter subscribers. I will attach the files to next week’s newsletter.

We’re looking forward to some cooler weather in East Tennessee this weekend. I hope you have a great weekend wherever you are.


Jim Stovall

Don’t forget to forward this email to a friend. Thanks!

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