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Jim Stovall’s email newsletter for July 14, 2017

Hi there,

I hope you’ve had a good week and are looking forward to the weekend.


Writers always want people to read their books, and they want their readers to love what they read. But what the writer needs is honesty. That’s why I alway suggest that folks who’ve read my work leave honest reviews, not just reviews.

Kill the Quarterback got an honest review this week, and I appreciate it very much. The reviewer wrote:

This was a nice first effort. Fast paced with short, choppy sentences enabling the reader to speed through the pages. There was a definite knowledge of someone who had worked in the newspaper business, but less knowledge of police procedures.

Then the reviewer goes on to list some criticisms of the book. You can read the entire review here.

If you have read Kill the Quarterback or Point Spread, please do consider leaving a review — an honest review, of course.

Favorite mystery/thriller author

I continue getting responses to my question: Who’s your favorite mystery/thriller author?

Charles (my old college friend): James Lee Burke‘s novels featuring Detective Dave Robicheaux, and Walter Mosley‘s novels featuring private investigator Easy Rawlins. I’ve read them all, and they occupy special places on my bookshelves. Burke’s Robicheaux is a deeply flawed, but intensely human character whose inability to walk away from the task of shouldering the weight of the world leaves him vulnerable to those who would do harm to him and to those he loves. Mosley’s Rawlins is a study in how to take the world as one finds it and to deal with it, managing to emerge from tight situations with his soul intact. I can’t get enough of either character.

Jane: James Patterson and John Grisham.

Michael: John T. Lescroart and James Lee Burke. Holding out hope that you will end up on my list.


All five volumes of the Civil War combat art series Battlelines are now available on Amazon and elsewhere in both digital and paperback versions. That’s taken up most of my week, but at least it’s done. Amazon, for reasons unknown to me, thinks it’s a three-volume set rather than five, and they have set up a special page for those three books. I’m not sure how to go about correcting that, but it’s nice that they’re paying some attention to the books.

Here’s a minute-and-a-half YouTube video that introduces the series.

The first volume, Battlelines: Road to Gettysburg, is free on Amazon. The second volume, Battlelines: Gettysburg, Day 1, can be downloaded at this link for free.

Now that Gettysburg has been taken care of, I am at work on a volume of the drawings of the battle of Antietam. After that, Fredericksburg.

On the farm . . .

Corn and beans have been harvested and put up. We continue to gather peppers, potatoes, okra, cucumbers, onions, and tomatoes. I also spent a good part of the week sawing up a neighbor’s silver-leaf poplars that were blown over by the storm a few weeks ago. Lots of fun.

Have a great weekend.


Jim Stovall

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