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July 3, 2017 | By Jim Stovall | Filed in: newsletter.

Hi there,

I hope that you have had a good week.

Last week I asked folks to let me know who are their favorite mystery/thriller authors and/or books. I got some great responses, and I want to share a few this week (more next week):

  • Dan wrote of Michael Connelly: ” . . . I enjoy his work. I think the series on Amazon does a good job with the modernization of Harry Bosch.
  • Marvin also likes Connelly and adds: “But a favorite of mine has to be the novels of the writing team of Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. I especially like their series of novels starring enigmatic FBI agent Aloysius Pendergast. Of those, my favorite is Cabinets of Curiosity. I think it is their masterpiece.
  • My cousin Beth, who made the mistake of getting onto my mailing list, wrote this: “The other author I hope you already know about — if not, get thee to the library tout suite — is Julia Keller. Her series, which begins with “A Killing in the Hills” is set in a small West Virginia town beset by lack of jobs and drug addiction. The main character is the county’s district attorney, who is driven by her own difficult past.” Beth had more to say, but I’ll save that until next week.

So, the question still stands: Who is your favorite mystery/thriller writer and book? Let’s hear from more of you.

High school in the sixties?

My latest novel Point Spread (now $2.99 on Amazon Kindle) is about a high school senior and is set in 1967. I hope that you will take a look. If you’ve read it, I hope you’ll consider leaving a review. But I bring it up this week because, if you went to high school in the 1960s, I’d like to know what you remember about it. I have a reason for asking, but I’m not quite ready to say what it is yet. Reply to this email and tell me an impression or story about what you remember.

More giveaways

The Fourth of July weekend may give us a little more leisure time, so go to these giveaways and gather up some free reading material. Kill the Quarterback is part of all of these.

One False Move by David Callinan

One of the authors I have worked with in the past, David Callinan, has a short story giveaway that I want you to consider. Here’s the title, description and link:

ONE FALSE MOVE. A crazed escapee and child abuser kidnaps Mike Delaney’s wheelchair-bound friend and 15-year old daughter. The ex-assassin, ex-cop and ex-monk is faced with a demon from his past. Will Delaney sacrifice his life for theirs? He has just four hours to save them. https://www.instafreebie.com/free/EG6tn

On the farm . . .

We bought a tractor this week. Very exciting. I’ll try to post a picture next week.

Here’s hoping you have a happy and safe Fourth of July (wherever you are).


Jim Stovall

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