Self-published author: Why I’m Mad About the Self-Publishing Stigma

August 18, 2015 | By Jim Stovall | Filed in: books, journalism, self publishing, writing.

The good sense — even the morality — of self-publishing is blindingly obvious to some of us.

So, doesn’t everyone see it that way.

We need to be reminded that, no, everyone doesn’t see it that way. Most the world, including a few intelligent souls, see it otherwise. Self-published author Liz Long has a good reminder for us in a recent blog post:

The publishing system isn’t broken by any means, but the stigma behind “traditional” and “indie” publishing has really gotten my goat lately.

I’m independently published, or self-published. What does that mean? It means I do not have an agent or traditional publisher backing me. It means that I’m in control of my stories, my edits, my covers, my marketing, and everything else that goes along with it. It means that I bust my ass working towards a dream.

Does it make me better than traditional authors? Nope. We all work hard to earn our keep; they just have a little extra help.

Source: Why I’m Mad About Self-Publishing Stigma

Long lists some of the ways she has been dissed by not having a traditional publisher:

  • Her local newspaper won’t review her books.
  • Her alma mater, Longwood University, won’t feature her or her success in its alumni magazine.
  • The campus bookstore won’t host a signing for her.
  • She can’t get invited to speak to English classes, where she was a major.

No matter, Liz. Keep writing, keep publishing. Chuckle a bit each month as 90 percent of your sales doesn’t go to a publisher and 10 per doesn’t go to an agent. And when Longwood U. asks for a donation, well . . .  that’s up to you.


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