Exercise: Subject-verb agreement 01

May 20, 2013 | By Jim Stovall | Filed in: exercises, teaching journalism.
This exercise consists of 10 sentences. For each sentence you should decide if the subject agrees with the verb. If so, type the word “Correct” in the space below the sentence; if not, write the sentence correctly in the box below it. Follow the directions of your instructor in completing this exercise. A link appears at the end of the sentences that gives an explanation for each sentence. 

1. None of the members of the first team are playing in the fourth quarter.

2. The family was gathering from around the country for the funeral.

3. Today’s news media is generally considered to be politically liberal.

4. Rachel, despite everyone’s best efforts, was not able to pass the test.

5. Present at the ceremony was the big league pitcher Mike O’Kelley and his brother Robert.

6. Thelma and Louise, the movie, make some telling points about women in our society.

7. Everyone, even the smartest ones among us, has a bad day now and then.

8. Either her doctor or her lawyer has a standing appointment to visit her every morning.

9. “Ty Cobb plays baseball with fire in his belly,” one of his contemporaries said.

10. Both Mary and Joan play the piano with ease and grace.

When you have finished this exercise, follow the directions of your instructor for printing or saving your work.

Answers and explanations

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