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May 14, 2013 | By Jim Stovall | Filed in: web journalism.


  • computer/connectivity
  • digital camera
  • digital sound recorder
  • video camera
  • blackberry, iPhone (something hand-held)

Take an inventory of what the students have on the first day of class.


Anything that helps the journalist gather information and connect with an audience.

Take an inventory of what the students know on the first day of class.

Do they have a Facebook page? (Probably)

Do they have a Twitter account? (Probably not)

Do they have a blog? (Unlikely)
Two of the best places to start a blog are Blogger.com and WordPress.com. And they’re both free. You can be up and blogging in a matter of minutes.

Do they own their own domain? some variation of their personal name?
Where do you get a domain name? Try GoDaddy.com or Omnis.com.
How much does it cost? Very little.



Getting started with HTML, Dave Raggett;

HTML Cheatsheet, Webmonkey

Audacity tutorials

Ellyn Angelotti, “Journo Tweeting”: This excellent article by Ellyn Angelotti takes you through Twitter step by step and then tells you how a journalist should be using it. Lots of links and good advice.

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