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September 23, 2012 | By Jim Stovall | Filed in: news.

A series of journalism texts built specifically for the iPad is now available to high school and journalism teachers and students.

(Watch the trailer video about this series.)

The Intercollegiate Online News Network (ICONN), in association with First Inning Press, is producing a series of journalism-related texts for the iPad. Currently, there are four titles in this series: Introduction to Journalism; Reporting: An Introduction; Photojournalism: Telling Stories with Pictures and Words; and The First Amendment.

Each text was built especially for the iPad and is suitable for high school or college journalism classes. Each has a variety of multimedia elements including video, audio, photo galleries and other interactive resources.

The introductory, reporting and photojournalism texts contain an abridged version of the First Amendment text. (A stand-alone free version of the First Amendment book is also available.)

Each text is $1.99 on the iBookstore.

Here are links to the iTunes pages for the textbooks:

The textbooks themselves can only be viewed and downloaded with an iPad.

More texts (for example: feature writing, journalistic writing, sports journalism, video news) are planned for this series.

ICONN is an association of campus news websites that was formed at the University of Tennessee in 2008. Academic programs, campus news websites, professional organizations and individuals are welcome to join ICONN at no cost. If you are wanting to start a news website for your course or program, ICONN can help you do that with its JeffersonNet content management system. More information can be found at the ICONN website.

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