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  • The ICONN NewsStream will provide fresh, relevant content to ICONN news websites on a regular basis.
  • The NewsStream provides a way for a student’s work to appear on sites all around the network.
  • NewsStream editors are currently located at the University of Tennessee and the University of Georgia.


The ICONN NewsStream, the news service of the Intercollegiate Online News Network, is now in operation and will be giving ICONN news website members a steady diet of fresh content and many new opportunities for collegiate journalists.

Go to the ICONN NewsStream

Go to the ICONN NewsStream

The NewsStream is based on the idea that all of the sites in the ICONN network have agreed to share their originally-produced content (stories, pictures, audio and video) with each other as long as appropriate credit is given to the originating stie.

Editors of the NewsStream will regularly survey ICONN sites to see what content is available that is appropriate to send out on the NewsStream and to place on the NewsStream website. They will pick up that content and enhance it according to a set of multimedia editing guidelines that the NewsStream staff is developing.

The edited content will then be placed on the NewsStream site and in some cases will be sent directly to ICONN news website. In other cases, administrators and editors of ICONN sites will receive an email informing them that the content is available for use on their sites. They can then go to the ICONN NewsStream site and copy and paste it onto their own sites.

The NewsStream will offer two immediate benefits to ICONN members, according to Jim Stovall, executive director of ICONN:

  • The NewsStream provides fresh, relevant content to ICONN member sites on a regular basis.
  • It gives reporters and writers for ICONN member sites the chance to have their work appear on sites all around the network.

“These two benefits are just the beginning,” Stovall said. “We believe the NewsStream will open up many new opportunities for ICONN members and for collegiate journalism in general.

The NewsStream is operated by a team of students at the University of Tennessee and the University of Georgia.

“We have a set of very intelligent, highly motivated students who are working with the NewsStream at the moment,” Stovall said. “We will be looking at expanding that team to other colleges and universities very soon.”

The Intercollegiate Online News Network (ICONN) is a set of individuals, academic programs, and professional organizations dedicated to connecting campus web journalists and campus news websites and to advancing education in web and online journalism at the collegiate level.

The network includes the Interscholastic Online News Network (ISONN) and is a non-profit (501-c-3) organization.

By: Dr. Jim Stovall, ICONN founder and adviser

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