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Fall 2011 workshops

Teaching feature writing – Lisa Gary, Oct. 9 – 12
Web conference: Tuesday, Oct. 11, 7 p.m. ET

Managing your news website – Jim Stovall, Oct 23 – 27
Web conference: Tuesday. Oct. 26, 7 p.m. ET

Basics of photojournalism – Mike Martinez, Nov. 6 – 9
Web conference: Tuesday, Nov. 8, 7 p.m. ET

Teaching sports reporting – Erin Whiteside, Nov. 13 – 17
Web conference: Tuesday, Nov. 16, 7 p.m. ET

Register for these workshops today: Going Online registration page


Going Online is a series of workshops designed to help journalism instructors learn the basics of web journalism, start news websites for their students, and gain instruction in a variety of journalism topics.

The workshops are offered online and are open to any journalism instructor interested in the topics.

They are also priced so that your pocketbook or school budget won’t suffer.

All of this means anyone with a broadband Internet connection can get the many benefits of this workshop without having to travel anywhere to do it. Those benefits include:

  • instruction in the basics of web journalism
  • instruction, information and teaching materials about various topics in journalism
  • a wealth of handout, classroom ideas and other items teachers can use in teaching journalism to their students
  • a news website for their students to start with in the fall and free hosting for the site
  • instruction in how to manage the site using the JeffersonNet content management system
  • membership (also free) in the Interscholastic Online News Network (ISONN) and much more

Going Online is produced by the School of Journalism and Electronic Media at the University of Tennessee, in conjunction with the Interscholastic Online News Network.

You can register for the current workshops at the Going Online registration page.

Registering for a workshop

To register for the workshop:

— Fill out the registration form at the Going Online registration page.
— If you plan to start an ISONN news website (see below), register the domain name for your news website and send us that information If your website already exists, let us know that.
— Send in your registration fee. The check should be made payable to The University of Tennessee.

How our online workshop works

These online workshops use a variety of means for exchanging information, ideas, suggestions, comments, questions, assignments and course material among the participants and the instructor. Those methods include email, online groups, video conferences and shared documents. Almost all of this information can be dealt with on your own time. The only scheduled events are the video conferences, and those are optional.

The format of the workshop can be three days, four days or ten days.

By email, we cover a different topic each day during the workshop period. Participants receive information, links, questions, instructions and assignments.

Participants also use a workshop forum to answer questions posed by the instructor, to exchange information and ideas, and to post questions for the instructor and other workshop participants.

Finally, there’s the video conference. For the 10-day workshops, participants and the instructor gather twice each week for a video conference to discuss topics and questions that might arise. For the three- and four-day workshops, there is one online conference.

Our goals for the workshops vary, but generally they are:

  • To establish a news website that your students can use.
  • To provide an understanding of online journalism.
  • To make you confident in administering the news website that we have established.
  • To give you information that you can use in teaching online journalism.
  • To make you and your students active members of the Interscholastic Online News Network.

Participants receive a certificate of complete at the end of the workshop.

Establishing a news website on the ISONN system

Many participants in our workshops want to establish news website for their students. ISONN can help.

The Interscholastic Online News Network will set up and host a news website for your school or campus at no cost. The only out-of-pocket expense for you is to reserve a domain name. You can normally do this for less than $10 a year. We recommend as a service for doing this because of their prices.

Once you have reserved the name you want, let us know what it is. We will take care of the rest on the technical side of things. Your website will be up and available by the time of the workshop.

If you already have a website established, that site can join ISONN and derive the benefits of membership in the only organization solely devoted to scholastic online journalism. Those benefits include being a contributor to and a recipient of the ISONN NewsStream, a news service derived from the content of the ISONN and Intercollegiate Online News Network (ICONN) members. The articles, pictures, slideshows and video that your student produce will also be eligible for distribution on the ISONN NewsStream.


Going Online

A summer online workshop for journalism instructors

Going Online is a two-week, online workshop that provides journalism instructors with information on teaching web journalism. It is also designed to assist instructors in starting a news website for their students.

The workshop is produced by the University of Tennessee in conjunction with the Intercollegiate Online News Network (ICONN).

The cost of the workshop is $25.

The workshop will be offered twice during the summer of 2011 (and possibly more if there is demand for it):

  • June 20-30 (Video conferences tentatively scheduled for 7 – 8 p.m. ET on Monday, June 20; Wednesday, June 22; Monday, June 27; and Wednesday, June 29).
  • July 11-21 (Video conferences tentatively scheduled for 7 – 8 p.m. ET on Monday, July 11; Wednesday, July 13; Monday, July 18; and Wednesday, June 20).

A major purpose of this workshop is have a news website ready for your students in the fall. The website will be part of the Interscholastic Online News Network (ISONN), an arm of ICONN. ISONN will provide the JeffersonNet content management system and host the site at no cost. The only expense is for the school or instructor to reserve a domain name (usually less than $10 a year).

Instructors can participate in the workshop from anywhere that they have access to a broadband Internet connection.

The following are topics covered by the workshop:

· Introduction to teaching online journalism
· Setting up and managing a news website
· Writing for the web
· Photojournalism on the web
· Using audio for effective journalism
· Reporting with video
· Building your audience
· Your students in an online future

The workshop consists of modules of information packets, discussion notes, and directed tasks concerning specific operations of JeffersonNet. There are four one-hour video conferences scheduled. Participation in these conferences is optional but highly recommended. All other work can be completed by the participants any time during the duration of the workshop.


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