Writing Wright reviewed by ‘Small Church Pastor’

December 1, 2008 | By Jim Stovall | Filed in: writing.

My old friend Chuck Warnock has written a very nice review of The Writing Wright for his popular blog Confessions of a Small Church Pastor.

Here’s part of what Chuck says about the book:

The Writing Wright brims with quotes, anecdotes, excerpts, and illustrations about writers and writing. From Samuel Johnson to Ernest Hemingway to Mark Twain plus about fifty more writers, Stovall packs his compendium with the humorous and helpful for professional and aspiring writers. It’s the kind of book you will pick up again and again just to read it and smile because a writer you like said something interesting. Or funny. Or clever. Or outlandish. But never boring.

I’m honored.

Chuck is doing ground-breaking work in rethinking the role of the small church in the community. While others are trying to figure out how to make small churches into big churches, Chuck is beginning with the premise that growth is what the small church should be about. Instead, it should be able serving the community — providing something that the community doesn’t have from any other institution.

Chuck, who blogs for Outreach magazine, has gained a substantial following for his ideas and his writing. He’s an active guy with a fertile mind, and I have had the privilege of knowing him and his wife Debbie since we were all in high school together in Nashville in the mid sixties.

Chuck and I are cooking up a couple of projects to collaborate on, and you will be hearing more about those soon.

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