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March 17, 2006 | By Jim Stovall | Filed in: journalism.

Anthony Moor, associate managing editor/online at the Orlando Sentinel and editor of, has written an interesting and encouraging piece about getting a job in web journalism. The article appears on the Online Journalism Review web site and emphasizes that web journalists need to develop the basic skills of the journalist – particularly editing and copyediting.

Next, are you Internet literate? . . . While we don’t need code monkeys, we do need people who understand the unique attributes of the Web as it pertains to journalism.

So, have you built a Web page as part of a student project or on your own? Do you know basic HTML? Do you work on the student newspaper website? Do you frequent Internet news sites? Do you use an RSS reader? Do you podcast? Did you ask to shadow the Web producers for a few days at your last internship? An affinity for our medium is essential.

Good questions all. Moor says there is a bright future awaiting web journalists, but as with any other profession, they need to get prepared.

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