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The sliderule analogy

The analogy between teaching journalism and teaching mathematics is just about perfect. But there’s a problem.

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Going online: What I tell high school teachers and students

A news website gives scholastic journalists the opportunity to do something they’ve never done — practice “daily journalism.”

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Teaching AP style: some high school teachers weigh in

Some high school teachers tell how they teach AP style to their students. And here’s what adherence to style brings to your writing:

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Guiding the student photojournalist

Those of us who have advised students publications or web sites know the type: the young man or woman who wants to take pictures. Often there is no one who joins the staff who is more enthusiastic or who expresses more willingness to go to work. The problem is that person has little or no […]

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A high school journalist, undercover

McSwane is a senior at Arvada West High School in Colorado. He had heard that the Army was having trouble recruiting because of the increasing unpopularity of the war in Iraq, and he had seen recruiters at his high school. It occurred to him to test out how far the recruiters would go to get […]

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