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George Smalley and the Battle of Antietam

One of the most dramatic stories of a correspondent covering a battle in the Civil War is that of George Smalley of the New York Tribune and his adventure in getting his description of the battle of Antietam back to New York. Smalley’s first accounts of the 1862 battle were read by President Abraham Lincoln […]

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History of the telegraph

Communication and journalism were changed by the increase in speed in the 19th century — particularly the invention of the telegraph. Few scientific developments have changed life for everyone so radically.

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Dates for the journalist

Even if history teachers have stopped making students memorize dates, journalism teachers shouldn’t. Dates are important for a full understanding of events, and students should have precise knowledge of the important events in American and world history. The list of dates on this web site, adapted from The Complete Editor, is a good place for […]

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150 years and still looking good!

This week marks the 150 year anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s signing of the Emancipation Proclamation, freeing a multitude of slaves.

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Should women have the right to vote?

One hundred years ago, reasonable people — both men and women — disagreed on these and other questions that today we would consider absurd and ludicrous. And therein lies a problem — a problem we constantly have with our history.

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