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Richard Ben Cramer

A journalist needs something to write about: Richard Ben Cramer, Alex Rodriguez and the book that did not get written

In 2006 Cramer sold both his publisher and his subject on a book about Alex Rodriguez, the star of the New York Yankees who was recently banned for a year by Major League Baseball for taking banned substances. The book had the title, The Importance of Being Alex: A Life with the Yankees. He had […]

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Tennessee Journalism Series

The Tennessee Journalism Series is a set of texts and instructional material developed by the faculty of the University of Tennessee School of Journalism and Electronic Media for journalism and instructors around the world. The idea behind the series is “multimedia first.” That is, these books are built for the iPad and contain a variety […]

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Inforgraphics: A Journalist’s Guide

Infographics is the only book to provide descriptions and examples of the proper use of graphic forms to present information. It presents an in-depth and straightforward approach to explaining the use of information graphics, offering coverage of a form of communication that is as important as writing.

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The Complete Editor

The Complete Editor offers a basic, straightforward approach to learning the skills that a modern editor needs and to developing the mindset to be a good editor.

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Web Journalism: Practice and Promise of a New Medium

Web Journalism: Practice and Promise of a New Medium explores the current practices and future possibilities of Web journalism and examines the characteristics of the Web that distinguish it from traditional media.

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Journalism: Who, What, Where, When, Why and How

This introductory text is covered with lively writing, up-to-date examples and an inviting layout that will have students reading, wondering, asking and practicing. Just published by Allyn and Bacon, this text is a must for any journalist’s shelf and any journalism teacher’s classroom.

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Writing for the Mass Media (8th edition)

For more than 20 years, Writing for the Mass Media has been introducing students to all of the basic forms of media writing: the inverted pyramid for print, the drama unity form for broadcasting, summaries and other specialized writing for the web, copy platforms and storyboards for advertising. and news releases and other forms of […]

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RecentReads: Subversives: A sad, enraging tale

The story here is that J. Edgar Hoover and Ronald Reagan betrayed the nation. They weren’t agents of a foreign power. Instead, they became what they said they were fighting — subversives. They (and many others with them) actively undermined the laws and values of America to advance their own political agendas and to gain […]

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OffTopic: Journalism education books now on the iPad

A series of journalism texts built specifically for the iPad is now available to high school and journalism teachers and students.

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