KILL THE QUARTERBACK now on Amazon’s Kindle store


Kill the Quarterback, a murder mystery set in Nashville, is now available on Amazon’s Kindle store. The introductory price is $0.99. Check the sidebar to the right to order the book. Click on the Preview button to read the first chapter.

Kill the Quarterback is the first in the Mitch Sawyer mystery series.

Mitch Sawyer is a hard-boiled police reporter for the Nashville Daily Tribune. He likes nothing better than a good murder, one that will get him lots of stories on the front page and will take him into the netherworld of one of the world’s most famous cities.

Kill the Quarterback by Jim Stovall

But the death of Jimmy Chin Lee, a star quarterback for the Vanderbilt Commodores, is something different, something Mitch has never encountered before.

The police have no clues, and despite his growing fame, Jimmy Chin turns out to be a mysterious and unknowable character. Some people say he has a girlfriend, but no one seems to know anything about her. The police zero in on her as their chief suspect, but they can’t find her.

Mitch finds her. Rather, she finds him. She asks him to find Jimmy Chin’s killer because she is afraid she is the killer’s next target.

After that, nothing goes right for anyone.


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One very kind Amazon reviewer has compared KILL THE QUARTERBACK to Damon Runyon.

Coming soon:

Point Spread, a young adult novel

Point Spread by Jim Stovall

There will be more in the Mitch Sawyer mystery series, but first, a young adult (or maybe “new adult”) novel from Jim Stovall.

Due out in May is Point Spread, the story of a teenage girl in 1967 who wants to be a journalist. She goes looking for a “good story” for her high school newspaper and finds something that will shake her school to its foundation and that presents her personal life with myriad challenges.

Visit the Point Spread page here on to find out more.

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