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Put your news on the pod

Podcasting is one of the new terms in online journalism. It simply means putting news and information into an audio MP3 format and making it available to folks who own MP3 players – millions of them.

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Permanence of the web, part 2

A few weeks ago, we posted a short piece on the permanence of the web, commenting that this is one of the great strengths of the web. Information does not deteriorate. If we lose information (and we’ve certainly lost a lot), it’s deliberate or through operator error. News web sites need to do a better […]

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Permanence and the web

Permanence is one of the five most important characteristics of the web (the other four being capacity, immediacy, flexibility, and interactivity), as explained in chapter 1 of Web Journalism. Until now. it has not been the subject of much discussion. But a high-level conference on blogging and journalism at Harvard University last week has spurred […]

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Digital divide continues

Going rural more than likely means going dial-up. That’s what Steven Levy, technology columnist for Newsweek magazine, found this summer when he took some time off in the Berkshires. (I found the same thing when I retreated to the farm in East Tennessee.) High speed Internet access was not available, and that’s a problem — […]

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The New York Times charges for the wrong thing

Many of us would gladly pay for the New York Times. Now, with the installation of Times Select, we’re getting that chance. The Times is charging for access to its columnists, and with the subscription comes open access to its archives (a good deal). But the Times leaves its most valuable product open and free […]

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Too many good quality web sites still have the look and feel of the newspaper from which they sprang, or the newspapers that the editors and producers used to work for.

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De-exiling the website

We may be getting past the days when the newspaper’s web site was a small group of techies exiled to a different floor — or even a different building — of the news organization. USA Today announced today that it is bringing its web site staff in from the cold and will be intergrating it […]

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Web polls

A web poll can be a quick and handy way of getting readers more involved with your web site. The polls are certainly popular given the number of people who respond to them. Fortunately, it doesn’t take much time or money to generate such a web poll if you use one of the free services […]

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Launching Politico

The coming launch of the political news web site Politico has drawn much attention from those who wonder about its longevity (see the latest New York Times article about it; and an earlier one). I have no idea about how long it will last — though, being a political news junkie, I hope it will […]

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Discussion notes: Online journalism and audience

Discussion notes for practicing photojournalism on the web.

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