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Creating an interactive chart with Google Spreadsheets (video)

How do you make an interactive chart like this one and put it onto your web page? The video on this page will explain it all.

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Getting data onto a map has never been particularly easy — for reasons I don’t understand. But things are getting better. A few weeks ago I tried something called It’s extremely easy. You paste the geographic data you have in an Exel file into a window on the website, and in a few seconds […]

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Finding maps to use

If you are working for a publication – high school or college – you should not use maps created by MapQuest or some other professional service without specific permission from that service. To do so is a violation of copyright laws.

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Graphics journalism: Advice for beginners

Study charts that have been professionally produced by newspapers or news web sites. The Associated Press has a graphics department that produces many charts used by newspapers every day. Look closely at the way they are put together.

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Want it to last? Draw, don’t write

A great moment in the history of science was the publication of Andreas Vesalius’s anatomy book, De Humani Corporis Fabrica, in 1543. What made the book a triumph wasn’t the Latin text Vesalius wrote but the 420 illustrations.

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