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Attacking wordiness

Most of the editing students I have taught over the last three decades share this trait: they are reluctant to change anything in an editing exercise, even when it is obviously wrong. Getting them to where they will correct grammar, spelling and style errors in the first step. But to be good editors, of course, […]

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Remembering “Andy” White

Roger Angell is familiar to many of us as the writer of some great books about baseball. He writes with insight and grace, and for those of us who love the game, he had always increased our pleasure. His day job is that he is a writer for the New Yorker magazine. He is also […]

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Nice notice for Web Journalism

Journalism and Mass Communication Educator has given Web Journalism a very nice review. The review describes various parts of the book and says Because of these core concentrations, this book is likely to assist students in their journalism careers well after they graduate no matter how much technologies and software continue to evolve. The book […]

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Students and the First Amendment

A flurry of news reports — a good bit of hand-wringing — have appeared in the last couple of days about a new survey that shows that many high school students do not have much knowledge or regard for the freedoms guaranteed by the First Amendment. A third of the students said the First Amendment […]

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Guiding the student photojournalist

Those of us who have advised students publications or web sites know the type: the young man or woman who wants to take pictures. Often there is no one who joins the staff who is more enthusiastic or who expresses more willingness to go to work. The problem is that person has little or no […]

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Permanence and the web

Permanence is one of the five most important characteristics of the web (the other four being capacity, immediacy, flexibility, and interactivity), as explained in chapter 1 of Web Journalism. Until now. it has not been the subject of much discussion. But a high-level conference on blogging and journalism at Harvard University last week has spurred […]

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Technorati claim

Technorati Profile Read more about journalism and issues facing the profession at JPROF.com.

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Is television killing sports columns — and sports columnists?

Stephen Rodrick, writing for Slate magazine, seems to think it is. In a devastating critique of many of the yelling heads that appear on ESPN’s several talk shows, Rodrick makes a simple point: the time a sports columnist spends on television takes away from the time he or she has to write a good column […]

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Nice review of JN5W (and full disclosure)

My good friend and colleague (that’s the full disclosure part) Herb Thompson has written a very kind and complimentary review of Journalism: Who, What, When, Where, Why and How, which now appears on SecondaryEnglish.com. Along with it is an interview that Herb conducted with me. Herb is the head of the education department at Emory […]

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Put your news on the pod

Podcasting is one of the new terms in online journalism. It simply means putting news and information into an audio MP3 format and making it available to folks who own MP3 players – millions of them. News web sites, particularly broadcast sites where this is a natural, are beginning to use this method to reach […]

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News web site history

I am currently working on a short history of news web sites. I hope this will be useful when I do a revision of Web Journalism: Practice and Promise of a New Medium, published in 2004 by Allyn and Bacon. Be sure to visit JPROF.com for more information about this and other books about journalism.

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