Writing for the Mass Media now an all-digital offering from Pearson

Writing for the Mass Media, now in its ninth edition and in print since 1985, is now being offered by Pearson, the publisher, in a digital edition that downloads to all formats and devices.

The "cover" for the REVEL edition of Writing for the Mass Media.

The “cover” for the REVEL edition of Writing for the Mass Media.

This book, which is used as a textbook for courses in about 200 colleges and universities each year, is one of the first titles in the Pearson line-up to be converted to an all-digital format.

With this offering, Pearson — according to the folks I have been working with — plans to stop offering the print edition for sale.

The folks at Pearson, and their subcontractors, have been working on this new edition, which they call REVEL after the software system they are using, since last September.

Exactly how all of this will work out for the book we don’t know. But the change is huge — mind-boggling for me, frankly.

Here are a couple of Pearson-produced videos that tells a bit about what Pearson is doing.

Here’s where you can find the REVEL edition:

Source: Pearson – REVEL for Writing for the Mass Media — Access Card, 9/E – James G. Stovall

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