Getting data onto a map

Getting data onto a map has never been particularly easy — for reasons I don’t understand.

But things are getting better.

A few weeks ago I tried something called It’s extremely easy. You paste the geographic data you have in an Exel file into a window on the website, and in a few seconds you have a Google map that identifies the location of your information. I did that with some (not all) of the schools where Writing for the Mass Media had been adopted in 2012 and came up with the map below.

This was an extremely easy process, but then came the problem:

There is no way currently to embed this interactive map into a WordPress website. What you have to do is what I’ve done here: take a screenshot and make it into a link back to the Batchgeo site. Click on the map, and it will take you there.

So we have a great site for creating interactive maps, but it still doesn’t give the journalist what he or she needs.

Anyone know anything better?

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