A personal note

It has been several weeks since any new entry appeared on this site. That’s certainly not due to a lack of issues and events to write about. It’s more a case of my inefficiency — and the fact that we have been busy at the University of Tennessee launching a news web site for the School, the TennesseeJournalist. It’s live, and I invite you to take a look.

But for now, we’ll take a break from things journalistic, and you can, in your mind’s eye (and with the aid of YouTube, iPhoto, and various other devises), travel down to Blount County, Tennessee, to see what a beautiful late fall day we had on Saturday.


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Jim Stovall, (JPROF.com) a retired journalism prof, is now a novelist, self-publisher, watercolorist, gardener, woodworker, and beekeeper -- among other things. Subscribe to his weekly newsletter at http://www.jprof.com .
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